Welcome Tenley, Harper, Castiel and Bentley: The Hottest Baby Names of 2010

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With half of the year behind us, it's time to check in with our friends at BabyNameWizard.com for a baby name trend report. We know that Jacob and Isabella are the reigning king and queen of American baby names. But what's coming up next?

To answer that question, BabyNameWizard.com tracked the names that hundreds of thousands of name-searching parents looked for most. They've given us an exclusive peek at the hottest names of 2010 so far -- the names that rose the fastest from a year ago. The fast risers might not be common now, but we're likely to hear more from them in the years to come.

The #1 fastest rising girl's name is Tenley, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Kinley, Tinsley and Kinsley also made the top 20. Together, they point to a signature sound for the year's baby girls. Also keep an eye out for Everly, which placed two different spellings in the top 20.

For boys, the country's love affair with "-n" names is set to continue. More than half of the hottest rising boy's names end in that super-popular letter. Look for a fresh crop of surname names, too, especially luxurious ones like Sterling, St. John and Bentley.

The top 20 fastest rising boy's and girl's names are below. If you're afraid that your favorite names are rising too fast, check out the list of secret hit baby names that are more popular than they appear, and these appealing alternatives to the new hit names.

1. Tenley
2. Harper
3. Everleigh
4. Martina
5. Sookie
6. Navi
7. Charlotte
8. Eloise
9. Lorelai
10. Ursula
11. Briella
12. Kinley
13. Tinsley
14. Mhairi
15. Leighton
16. Maelle
17. Ever
18. Kinsley
19. Lux
20. Everly

1. Castiel
2. Bentley
3. Eoin
4. Easton
5. Lucian
6. Aarav
7. Zion
8. St. John
9. Kaiden
10. Sterling
11. Callan
12. Leland
13. Harper
14. Mikah
15. Dashiell
16. Eliah
17. Dawson
18. Kayden
19. Lennon
20. Dorian

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