Magnetic Wooden Blocks Attract Kids

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Creations can even stick to the refrigerator. Credit: Tegu

Your kids will be so attracted to these newfangled magnetic block sets, they won't be able to put them down.

Though they look just like ordinary wooden blocks, each Tegu block has a strong magnet embedded inside, so they connect instantly to each other, seemingly defying gravity. Four different shapes -- cubes, rectangles, short planks and jumbo planks -- ensure endless configurations and countless hours of play time.

And, when they're done, kids can use the clever packaging as a stage to pose and take photos of their creations to submit to the "show 'n tell" gallery on the Tegu website.

Available at Tegu for $90.

UPDATE, 7/22/10: Tegu is offering ParentDish readers free shipping in the USA and Canada through Monday, August 2, 2010. Use code: TEGUPDISH when ordering.

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