Breast-Feeding Moms Protest Restaurant

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After a mother was asked to leave a Kentucky restaurant for breast-feeding, she came back -- to protest.

Corday Piston was breast-feeding her 6-month-old daughter on the patio at Johnny Rockets in Newport, Ky., just outside of Cincinnati, when a manager asked Piston to move to a public bench. She said it was too hot, so the manager suggested she breast-feed in the bathroom. Piston rejected the option as disgusting, and the manager then asked her to leave because she was making people uncomfortable, reports.

The experience prompted Piston to call on other breast-feeding moms to organize protests of Johnny Rockets locations nationwide. About a dozen moms protested at the Johnny Rockets in Newport July 18, with signs with messages such as "Public breastfeeding is legal" and "Mothers are not second class citizens," reports.

"I just want people to know there is a law, and whether or not they personally feel comfortable with breast-feeding in public, or whether they bottle-feed or breast-feed or however they choose to raise their families, there is a law that protects mothers' rights to nurse in public," Piston says.

The law is on Piston's side. reports that Kentucky state law 29A.100 "directs judges at all levels of the court to excuse women who are breast-feeding or expressing breast milk from jury service until the child is no longer nursing." Also, Kentucky state law 211-755 "permits a mother to breast-feed her baby or express breast milk in any public or private location. Requires that breast-feeding may not be considered an act of public indecency, indecent exposure, sexual conduct, lewd touching or obscenity. Prohibits a municipality from enacting an ordinance that prohibits or restricts breast-feeding in a public or private place."

Rick Thompson, who owns Newport on the Levee's Johnny Rockets, tells, "We feel like we were not treated fairly. It's just a very frustrating thing, we never asked her to leave. She sat down next to a family with young children and it shocked them. We apologized and shouldn't have to -- it's a natural thing."

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