Girls' Sports Dolls are Positively Playful

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Tennis, anyone? Credit: Dream Big Toy Company

ZOMG! No more trashy "teen" dolls with too-short skirts, high heels, cell phones and video screens embedded in their chests.

Outfitted with a sports uniform, a backpack and sporty accessories, each Go! Go! Sports Girls doll offers a secret themed message hidden on her huggable tummy such as "Dream Big Run Fast" or "Dream Big Score Goals." What a great way to encourage young girls to develop positive life skills like self-appreciation, daily exercise and healthy eating and sleeping habits.

Do-good alert: Five percent of the profits from the sale of Go! Go! Sports Girls dolls are donated to Girls Inc. to support the organization's empowerment programs for girls.

Available at Amazon for $18.51-$19.99.

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