Exclusive: Yellow Wiggle Sam Moran Dishes on the Group's Newest Member

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Sam Moran and his wife, Lyn, welcomed daughter Eloise to the family earlier this year. Credit: Photo courtesy Sam Moran

The Wiggles
need to make a little more wiggle room inside the big red car.

Sam Moran, the yellow Wiggle and lead singer of the kiddie group, became a dad earlier this year.

Moran and his wife, Lyn, whom he met in 2003 when she played the lovable Dorothy the Dinosaur on the show, welcomed daughter Eloise Isabella Moran on Jan. 18, in Sydney, Australia. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces and, like her famous father, Dad says Eloise came out singing.

Moran, who hits the road July 28 with rest of the Wiggles to embark on a 26-city American tour, spoke exclusively with ParentDish in his first U.S. interview discussing the birth of his baby girl and the impact parenthood has had on him.

Congratulations! How is fatherhood?
Sam Moran: We are definitely enjoying being parents. Of course, it is a lot of hard work, which all parents are aware.

PD: What has been the more difficult part so far?
Unfortunately, touring means that we are apart for weeks at a time, which is very hard. The first time I left for a five-week tour was one of the hardest days of my life. Especially when she gave me a little smile as I walked out the door.

PD: Eloise just turned 6 months old. So, what is she doing?

SM: She already has her first two teeth and is so alert. She smiles constantly and just revels in interacting with people and connecting with them in any way.

PD: What songs do you like to sing to her?
I sing the Wiggles song "Rock-a-Bye Your Bear," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and she also seems to love "Incy Wincy Spider."

PD: Has Lyn assigned you any special jobs, such as diaper duty?
Bath time is definitely daddy duty. I am a totally hands-on dad. I try to do anything I can, because there is still plenty the dad can't help with. Especially since I know my wife has to do it all on her own when I am away on tour.

PD: What has being a parent taught you?
My things are much less important now. Everything I do is now focused toward her and what it can provide or do for her.

PD: Now that you are a parent, do you have any new fears?
At only 6 months, I was afraid she would forget me after being away for five weeks, but 24 to 48 hours after getting home we were back to normal.

PD: Does your family travel with you when you are touring?
It is too hard to tour with them, but I have tried to bring out the family at any opportunity. My little girl is 6 months old and has already been on 10 flights and to two other countries. My wife is American, so being on tour in the U.S. just gives her a great opportunity to spend an extended period with the grandparents and be closer to me, also.

PD: Do you see your role with the Wiggles differently now that you are a father?
I've always understood my role and always understood our connection with the children. But I definitely feel more connected to the parents that we perform for now -- a greater appreciation and understanding for each of them.

PD: Now that you are a dad, has performing taken on a more special meaning?
Performing for children and families every day is such a special thing to be a part of. And now being a parent myself, I get to experience that every minute of my life instead of just while I am onstage. I certainly have an extra appreciation for all those families that make the effort to bring their children to our live shows.

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