The New BYOB: Nursing Parties Help New Moms Breast-Feed

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This party is about boobs, not booze. Credit: Getty Images

It's not the BYOB party you're used to. In fact, there's no alcohol at all. BYOBoobz parties are designed to give nursing moms the support they need when navigating the often frustrating and difficult world of breast-feeding.

The nonprofit group "Best for Babes," the parties are launching this fall, AOL News reports. After that, home party kits, which are being developed with input from Facebook fans, will be available for new moms, lactation consultants and others.

Forbes says that her group wants to dispel the notion that breast-feeding is always easy.

"The truth is, it can be difficult and it's messy, and you're dealing with things like leaky boobs," Best for Babes co-founder Bettina Forbes tells AOL News. "But that's part of life, the way anything is. We want to make it real, not a Hallmark card. But not impossible either."

Check out the story on AOL News.

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