Sun-Sensitive Wristband Helps Shun Sunburns

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Sure makes sense to us. Credit: UVSunSense

Is it a battle every time you need to reapply your kid's sunscreen while you're at the pool, park or beach? UVSunSense wristbands can bring peace to your play day.

Simply wrap one around your kid's wrist, apply sunscreen to their body and the wristband, then monitor for color changes that tell you it's time to reapply or get out of the sun. The bands work with sunscreens of SPF 15 and higher, and change color at different times depending on the SPF level.

They're also designed to be used in salt, fresh or chlorinated water, and in showers -- so readings stay accurate no matter what your kids are up to.

Available at Amazon for $6.84.

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