Celebrate Baby's Arrival with Creative Birth Announcements

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When designing birth announcements, new parents might consider using creative added elements, such as a band that wraps around a photo. Credit: Alee & Press

Looking for a creative way to introduce your new baby to friends and family? While an e-mail announcing your baby's birth might satisfy those wanting to get the word out quickly, others try to provide something more tangible.

With a few simple ideas, a traditional printed announcement can become a creative keepsake. Whether you choose to use your own printer and paper, buy something ready-made or hire a professional graphic designer to create custom announcements, there are a few things to keep in mind.

New York-based designer Liz Coulson Libré suggests parents first determine whether or not to use a photo. Libré, who founded Linda & Harriett in 2007, often incorporates a 3-inch by 3-inch photo within a 5-inch by 7-inch custom-designed letterpress card.

Libré tells ParentDish in a phone interview that anything a family decides "should be an extension of you and your personality."

If you like a designer's work, that can help determine the look of the cards. For example, Amanda Clarno, with Atlanta-based Alee and Press, says her work plays with typography, bringing a less traditional look and feel to the cards. She also adds a few creative touches, such as bands printed with information that wrap around an image or card.

Need inspiration? Parents should draw upon ideas: Is there a significant color or theme used in the child's room? Can you incorporate the baby's in-utero nickname in the overall theme of the design? Does your family have a regular hobby or activity?

"Send a picture of anything you like," Clarno advises her clients to get them to start communicating their ideas. Her company can create mood boards, which can give parents an overall feeling of what direction they want to go.

No matter which route you take, designers encourage expectant parents to get started as soon as they can, as it might take two to four weeks just to design the cards.

One more thing: Before bundling and stamping the envelopes, confirm that the U.S. Postal Service doesn't prohibit -- or require -- extra postage-for the size or shape of your announcements.

Creatively Announcing a Pregnancy


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