How to Play: Spud

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Don't be a SPUD! Credit: Old Sarge, Flickr

What you need: You need a standard red kickball.

How to play: One player is chosen to be "it." "It" has the ball and counts to 10 as the other players scatter around the playing area. Once "it" gets to 10, all players must freeze in place.

The rules: "It" will take four steps towards the closest person and throws the ball at that person, trying to hit him. If "it" hits the person, that player gets an "S." If "it" misses, he gets an "S" and the person he was trying to hit becomes "it." Once players get the letter "S", they can get a "P," a "U," and a "D" if they get hit or miss someone. Once a player has "SPUD," she is out of the game.

How to win: The last player remaining without receiving all the "SPUD" letters is the winner.

What else you need to know: This game is best played with a group of 10 or more kids.

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