Letter Necklaces Make Jewelry Personal

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Letter necklaces

Initial and calendar necklaces from dalla nonna personalize your jewelry. Credit: dalla nonna

We know you keep your loved ones close to your heart, but now you can recognize them there for the world to see.

Jewelry line dalla nonna, known for its vintage-inspired calendar necklaces and bracelets that mark an important date with a sapphire, has expanded to offer "the little letters," perfect for recognizing your little loved ones.

Letter pendants come in 14k rose or yellow gold or sterling silver and can be worn alone, paired to create initials or words or layered with a calendar necklace. Dalla nonna means "from the grandmother" in Italian, but we think these necklaces would make a perfect gift for a grandmother.

Prices start at $110, at dallanonnajewelry.com.


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