Principal to Parents on Cell Phones: Quit Your Jibber-Jabber

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Use a cell phone at Fulton Elementary School in Chandler, Ariz., and you could win yourself a trip to the principal's office.

That's right. The school has a strict policy against cell phones. However, before you say it serves the little brats right, there's something you should know: The policy is enforced against parents, and it includes using your phone in your car.

Yep, parents could find themselves squirming in their seats as they face Principal Susie Jayne.

"There are a number of people who drive by me on cell phones because it becomes such an extension of our culture for communication," Jayne tells the East Valley Tribune in Chandler (30 miles southeast of Phoenix). "It is frightening to me that people are so distracted by that communication. I think people need to be vigilant with their eyes. We have not had an accident, but we have had some near accidents."
So parents no longer are allowed to talk on cell phones while dropping off and picking up kids. First-time offenders risk a tap on the windshield and a wag of the finger by a member of the school's site council.

The school has 400 students, which means there are about 250 to 300 cars in front of the school every morning. That area, the Tribune reports, is no a "no-phone zone."

Members of the student council have been out in front of the school with signs to gently remind parents about the policy, and there's very little opposition, Jayne tells the newspaper.

"I think everybody is all for it," she says. "It's about the students. It's about their safety. Getting off the phone for a few minutes shouldn't be an issue. Everybody is in agreement. Everybody has witnessed moments when people shouldn't be on the phone and realized they should do that (turn off the phone)."


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