Watch the Fun Develop With Photo-Sensitive Paper

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Kids can combine all sorts of items to make cool creations. Credit: Lawrence Hall of Science

Sun, water and a spark of imagination are all that your kids need to create amazing photographic prints with Sunprint Kits.

There are tons of possibilities for creative expression, as kids discover that simple objects -- man-made or from nature -- can produce beautiful works of art. Just place the objects on the special paper, expose them to sunlight or ambient light, then rinse in plain water and watch your masterpiece develop.

Sunprint Kits were developed by educators at the Lawrence Hall of Science on the UC Berkeley campus, so there's a cool science education component to it as well.

Do-good alert: All proceeds from the sale of Sunprint Kits benefit Lawrence Hall of Science educational programs and curriculum development that reaches millions of kids worldwide each year.

Available at Lawrence Hall of Science for $3.50 to $13.95.

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