Michelle Duggar Chats About Her Breast Milk Ban and Losing the Baby Weight (Again)

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Michelle Duggar with Josie

Michelle Duggar teaches baby Josie to love the camera. Credit: Jim Bob Duggar

Michelle Duggar recently returned to her Tontitown, Arkansas home with her newborn Josie, who arrived three months early. Like any mom of a preemie, there's a lot of "don't touch the baby" going on in the Duggar household, what with 18 others germing up the joint.

But the reality TV star of 19 Kids and Counting has got it covered. The 43-year-old uber mom spoke to ParentDish by phone yesterday about life with a preemie, the surprising cause of her baby's upset tummy and her own plans for losing the (19th) baby weight. An edited version of the interview follows.

ParentDish: Welcome home. How are you feeling?
Michelle Duggar: I'm doing good. I feel much better than I did 7½ months ago, that's for sure. I'm so glad to have Josie home.

PD: Tell me about Josie? Is she your first preemie?
Our second set of twins, Jedidiah and Jeremiah, came at about five weeks before their due date, but they were 5 lbs. each. They were in the hospital for about nine days. Jeremiah's lung collapsed and he had antibiotics. They're 11 years old now and just fine.

PD: Now about Josie.
We are so thankful. It could've been much more serious. We're grateful that it was a diet change that made the difference for her. We changed from breast milk to a predigested formula that has no lactose, and within 12 hours she was better. And, within a week, she was pooing on her own, without us having to give her an enema. She was a totally different baby a week later.

PD: Wow, breast milk was the culprit?
Typically, they never want to take a preemie off breast milk, but in her case the lactose in my milk was causing a problem. Her body was not producing lactase, which breaks down the lactose.

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