It's in the Bag: 10 Backpacks to Load Up on as Kids Head Back to School

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Books, laptops, notebooks, gym clothes, folders, binders ... chances are good your child will be loaded down with supplies when she heads back to school. And, parents, when it comes to hauling them, you better believe that no ordinary backpack will do.

Luckily, there are so many options available -- traditional, messenger, wheeled -- that kids from pre-K to college can find the perfect match. But, if all those choices are a little overwhelming, Peter Cobb, senior vice president of, has some advice.

"Consider how much your student needs to carry," he tells ParentDish. "If it's just file folders and a few books, look for a school bag that is sized appropriately for the age of your child. If your middle schooler or high schooler is carrying a ton of weight, look for more capacity or a wheeled option. If your college student needs to be constantly connected, I'd look for a laptop bag that suits your student's style. That might be an outdoors brand such as The North Face, or an edgier bag from someone like Ogio."

Take time to let your student pick their pack -- they'll be using it practically every day, after all.

"Backpacks are great ways to carry everything you need from books to athletic gear for practice after school," Cobb says. "Messengers are great for books, a laptop and folders, as well."

To get you started, we found 10 styles for tots to teens that will send your kids packing in style.

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