Keep Track of Your Kid's Stuff With Cool Labels

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Kidecals to keep track of kids belongings

Keep track of your stuff with cute labels from KiDecals. Credit: KiDecals

You've bought clothes, lunch boxes, notebooks and water bottles for the new school year -- but how long will your kids actually hold on to their new stash of supplies?

Help keep your children's things in their possession by using functional, yet adorable labels from KiDecals. Originally conceived as a peel and stick mural business, the company now offers custom name dot stickers that come in way cool graphics and options of printing your little one's name and phone number.

Stick 'em on clothing tags, sippy cups, books -- whatever needs labeling -- and they're dishwasher and washing machine proof. Opt for camo, stripes, dots, hearts and bones, rainbows or your own design. And, psst, they also work for grownups. Don't tell Junior, but moms lose stuff, too.

At, $25 for 30 large and 58 small dots, $40 for custom design sets.

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