Best Children's Hospitals: Orthopedics

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Children's Hospital Boston

Does your child have a sports injury? Check out the top hospitals for orthopedics. Credit: Elise Amendola, AP

When your child is ill, only the best care is good enough. So we're highlighting the hospitals that are leading the way in research, innovation, treatment and, most importantly, patient care. This is the seventh in the series on best children's hospitals in the United States.

With more children getting involved in competitive sports each year, the number of children's sports injuries is on the rise.

As a result, parents are increasingly turning to specialized orthopedic hospitals to treat their children. At the same time, these hospitals are sources of refuge for parents of children with cerebral palsy, scoliosis, spina bifida and other musculoskeletal disorders, who require long-term care, says James V. Luck Jr., M.D., CEO and medical director for Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital.

With four active athletes of his own, Dr. Luck knows firsthand what it feels like to be a parent whose child is raced to the hospital after a fall or sports injury, or is treated by an orthopedic specialist for musculoskeletal trauma, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors or congenital conditions. "In addition to treating children, our focus also is to make playgrounds safer and prevent sports injuries," says Dr. Luck.
Three hospitals show up on the top lists that rank the hospitals that treat children with orthopedic conditions:

Children's Hospital Boston, Boston, Mass.
The hospital is ranked No. 1 in orthopedics in the U.S. News report and is one of only two hospitals to rank in the top five in all 10 specialties. In addition, the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Children's Hospital Boston is nationally known as the preeminent center for the care of children and young adults with a wide range of developmental disorders and those with congenital, neuromuscular or posttraumatic problems of the musculoskeletal system. As one of the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary programs for the treatment of children with orthopedic problems, it's one of the busiest and most experienced pediatric orthopedic centers in the country. In addition, Children's ranked No. 9 in theParents/NACHRI study and No. 10 in overall care.
Children's Medical Center-Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas, Texas
The physicians at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children wrote the book (literally) on the treatment of orthopedic conditions affecting children. Now in its fourth edition, the Tachdjian's Pediatric Orthopaedics: From Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children textbook is the standard reference guide for orthopedic surgeons around the world. The hospital also ranked No. 2 for pediatric orthopedics in the U.S. News report.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, (CHOP),
Philadelphia, Pa.
CHOP was ranked No. 3 in children's orthopedic care by the U.S. News survey. The Parents/NACHRI 2009 survey named CHOP No. 2 in pediatric orthopedics and one of the Top 10 children's hospitals overall. Offering orthopedic care to children for more than 120 years, CHOP logs more than 62,000 outpatient visits in its orthopedic and musculoskeletal programs, admits more than 1,300 patients and performs nearly 2,600 surgical cases a year. CHOP physicians have pioneered 16 orthopedic surgical procedures and are internationally renowned for their expertise in limb-sparing surgery, and for treating tumors, spines, hand, sports and trauma injuries.

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