Iowa State Fair Offers Parents Tracking Device for Kids

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Who needs a helicopter? Just get a GPS! Credit: MNgilen, Flickr

If you've always wanted to go to the Iowa State Fair, but were afraid you might lose track of your kid amid the crowd, you can rest easy now. Fair organizers are offering parents a device that will help moms and dads keep close tabs on their children while they're on the midway.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the device, called SecuraPal, is small enough to fit in a child's pocket or on a belt loop. If children get lost, all they have to do is press a button to send a text message that sends their location to their parents' mobile phones. And, if that isn't enough security for you, just bring your smart phone along -- users of those devices can also set the SecuraPal to locate their wandering offspring using GPS.

But that's not all it's good for: If Grandma has a tendency to go AWOL, you can get one for her, too. Fair spokeswoman Lori Chappell tells the Tribune that the device would be a convenient way to keep track of elderly guests.

The SecuraPal will run parents $10 a pop. The ability to engage in helicopter parenting while also taking in a life-size sculpture of a cow made entirely out of butter?


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