President Obama Shares 5 Things Students Should Know Before Heading to College

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College Back to School suggestions from President Barack Obama

Study more, worry less. Credit: Getty Images

As college students prepare for a new school year, many have visions of all-nighters, ramen noodles and massive school loans dancing in their heads.

President Obama is easing some of their concerns with his goal for having the highest proportion of college graduates by 2020, according to The White House Blog. In a visit to the University of Texas at Austin this week, Obama discussed his plan, which includes billions in new grant funding and extending the length of time that students can stay on their parents' health insurance.

1. Obama has invested more than $40 billion in Pell Grants to provide students with scholarships.

2. Starting in September, graduates without job offers can stay on their parents' health insurance plan until they're 26 years old.

3. Community colleges will receive $2 billion over the next four years to further education and training programs.

4. America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions will get $2.55 billion to better their programs in years to come.

5. The Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation plan to dedicate $19 million to their own education programs.

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