Daddy Away? Sound Delivery Lets Him Send Messages to Unborn Baby

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PreNatal Sound Delivery Device

Now Dad can talk to baby no matter how far. Credit: Getty Images

Pregnant women have been playing music for their unborn children for years, but providing them with recorded messages from the folks who will soon love them the most? Now, that's new and cool.

The Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery Device is a comfy nylon/Lycra band with built-in speakers that allows expectant parents to play music, voice or other sounds using any MP3 player. Sound Delivery is a free service from the brand that allows friends and family members to record messages to be played with the Sound Beginnings product.

Loved ones simply call and record messages for the little peanut, and they're instantly converted to MP3s and sent to Mom's account on the company website for download.

The safe -- and fun -- product has won several awards, including Disney's iParenting Award and the Parent Test Parent Approved Award. We're thinking those are only the beginning.

Find it at for $49.95.

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