Cyber-Age Solomon Orders Mom to Provide Skype for Noncustodial Dad

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Mom must Provide Skype for Noncustodial Dad judge says

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When we were kids, we were promised the 21st century would have flying cars, jet packs, robots and orbiting space colonies.

Welcome to the future. You don't get a robot butler -- just a court order to provide Skype for your ex.

A judge in New York state brought custody agreements into the cyber age by requiring a wife moving to Florida with her two kids to provide Skype to her ex-husband, so he can chat with his kids and see their faces on the computer.

The New York Daily News reports Debra Baker must provide Skype "at her own cost and expense" under a ruling by state Supreme Court Justice Jerry Garguilo.

James Baker, the ex-husband who opposes the move to Florida, is legally entitled to three one-hour Skype chats per week under the decision.

Debra Baker decided to move to her parents' house in Venice Beach, Fla., after she lost her job and the family home went into foreclosure.

"Common sense, logic and a realistic view of life on Long Island clearly indicate that (Debra Baker) and children cannot maintain a residence, heat, clothe themselves ... on the monies that are currently available," Garguilo wrote in his decision.

At least the Skype plan, he wrote, ensures James Baker has long-distance access to the couple's 9-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son.

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