Baby Shower Gifts for Outdoorsy Parents

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Sure, bottles, blankets and binkies are nice, but baby shower gifts don't have to be bland.

With so many folks shopping off of baby shower gift registries today, parents shouldn't be afraid to consider their own passions and interests when listing the items they want and need. Love hiking, camping, fishing and being outdoors? These are all activities you can enjoy with your baby. Here are some ideas for the best baby shower gifts for outdoorsy parents.

Let the Sun Shine In: Sun protection products are among the best baby shower gifts for parents who plan to spend a lot of time outside with baby. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and infants can be more sensitive to the sun than adults. It's important to protect their skin by practicing sun safety -- including wearing sunglasses and a sun hat.

Sun protective clothing from Coolibar offers UPF 50 protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Coolibar makes a wide range of infant sun hats, sunglasses and full-coverage sun rompers and swimsuits. For parents who will spend time fishing or romping in the water with their kids, Coolibar's fast-drying Aqua fabric clothes make great baby shower gifts.
Infants' eyes are especially vulnerable to damage from UV rays, and they are also the hardest to protect since some babies and toddlers constantly pull off sunglasses. Baby Banz infant sunglasses come with an adjustable neoprene band, which holds the sunglasses snugly in place without discomfort -- another baby shower gift many might not think of.

Take a Hike: If you plan on hiking with your baby, a baby carrier will be among your favorite baby shower gifts. There are a wide range of carriers available, but one of the best is the Ergo Baby Carrier, which fits infants and toddlers in a wide range of positions (front, side, hip and back). For hiking with older babies, one of the most comfortable positions is the back carry. Since the Ergo distributes your baby's weight evenly across your hips and shoulders, you'll be able to hike comfortably as long as your baby cooperates.

Camp it Up: Infant travel beds make great baby shower gifts. If you plan on camping with your infant, the KidCo Peapod Travel Bed will get a lot of use. The Peapod fits infants as well as older toddlers, is lightweight and great for the outdoors, since the mesh panels protect against insects and the sun. A mini air mattress ensures your baby will be comfortable, even if Mom and Dad are roughing it.

Waterproof outdoor blankets are considerate baby shower gifts. With a comfortable, dry place to rest, Mom and Dad can relax outside while baby naps beside them. The Tuffo Outdoor Waterproof Blanket is big enough to accommodate a family of four, and it comes with a handy carrying bag.

Go Green: Outdoorsy parents will want to teach their baby to love and appreciate nature., an earth-friendly toy store, offers a wide range of eco-friendly products that make excellent baby shower gifts. The Fruit and Veggie Gift Set includes a set of soft, organic vegetable rattles that your baby will enjoy nibbling, as well as two board books on fruit and vegetables for parents to read to their little one.

Clothes Encounters: Baby clothes are among the most popular baby shower gifts. Hatley offers some of the cutest clothing for infants, with fun, outdoorsy themes. Currently, the company offers infant clothing with themes including sailing, fishing and camping, as well as other whimsical designs.


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