Soldiers' Surprise Homecomings Video Makes Us Bawl Our Eyes Out

It's always emotional when you return from a week-long business trip, hug your child and she tells you how much she missed you. But what if you're a soldier posted in a warzone, and you surprise your child with your homecoming? Bring on the tears.

This video does a beautiful job of mixing such surprises, and while every reunion is touching, we have a few favorites: We love the little girl on Santa's lap right about 1:30, who runs up and says "Daddy? Hi daddy. I miss you!" We smiled and teared up all at the same time at the kid who forgot to let go of his basketball right about 4:31. And how about the look of pure joy on the boy's face at 6:07? Seriously, where are the tissues?

So, if you watch this at work and your sniffling, teary-eyed self draws concerned looks from your co-workers, well, don't say we didn't warn you.

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