Get Your Glam On With All Natural Makeup Sticks

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All natural make-up stick for kids made by Whoops Bunny

Perfect for bunnies of all ages. Credit: Whoops Bunny

Pick up a set of Whoops Bunny All Natural Make-Up Sticks for your little one, and you may never have to hide your cosmetics case again.

Made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients -- including pineapple extract and beeswax -- these adorable sticks come in five luscious colors that look as yummy as they smell.

All five colors come packaged together in a recyclable tube, so you can mix and match blue, green, purple, orange and pink for glamorous effects.

Just make sure she's asleep before you sneak into her room and borrow them for date night.

Available at Whoops Bunny for $24.99.

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