Breast-Feeding Moms Serve McDonald's an Order of Protest, Super-Sized

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Breast feeding at McDonalds a no-no, mothers take offense

Moms protested McDonald's after a breast-feeding mom was kicked out. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion on a ... whoa, Nellie!

Visitors at a McDonald's in Phoenix on Aug. 21 were treated to one heckuva show, as mothers of dozens of newborns who had descended on the restaurant in protest promptly took out their breasts and began nursing.

It was enough to turn managers whiter than Ronald McDonald, and, the Arizona Republic reports, is super-sized order of fast food karma. With milk.

According to the newspaper, Clarissa Bradford was given the boot (or big red shoe) from the McDonald's at 51st Avenue and Cactus Road on Aug. 11 by an assistant manager after she started breast-feeding her 6-month-old baby.

McDonald's execs quickly realized a public relations nightmare, and, before you can say "Big Mac Attack," they issued an apology and swore it would never happen again.

Nonetheless, the Arizona Republic reports, the story grabbed headlines, as well as plenty of criticism of Bradford and other mothers who breast-feed in public.

Protester Rachel Starchman tells the newspaper one anonymous Internet critic posted that breast-feeding women should take their babies to the bathroom.

"Would you want to eat in the bathroom? That's disgusting," Starchman tells the Arizona Republic.

That's when protesters, determined to show critics a thing (or two), staged the demonstration. More than 100 patrons were privy to the event, the newspaper reports, but restaurant managers apparently did their best to make sure reporters weren't among them.

The Arizona Republic reports a McDonald's employee stood outside to shoo away the press.

However, Starchman and fellow protester Alisa Ilardo, came outside to speak with reporters. Ilardo tells the Arizona Republic that protesters are not upset with McDonald's, but they wanted to make a statement.

"It was just someone's bad judgment, but we need to keep people from treating moms like this," she says.

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