How to Play: Red Devil

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Red Devil game

Red Devil, Red Devil, what are you thinking of now? Credit: Getty Images

What you need:
You need a group of at least 4 players.

How to play: Choose a player to be "it" or the "red devil." All players gather in front of a house. The "red devil" will be facing the players.

The rules: The "red devil" says, "I'm thinking of a certain shoe (or candy bar, video game, restaurant, grocery store, etc.)." The other players will guess what type of shoe he is thinking of. The "red devil" will let the person who guesses correctly know when she says it. At this point, she and the "red devil" will run around the house in opposite directions.

How to win:
The person who gets back to the front of the house first is the winner and becomes the new "red devil."

What else you need to know: The rule can be changed that whoever gets back to the front of the house first is not the new "red devil."

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