Could a Jon Gosselin Book Make You a Better Father?

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Jon Gosselin writing book

Would you take parenting advice from this guy? Credit: X17online

Jon Gosselin may write a book sharing his -- wait for it, wait for it -- parenting skills.

Take a few minutes. Done laughing? OK, here's the deal: MSNBC reports Gosselin wants to join his ex-wife in the book business.

Kate Gosselin came out with "I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family" in April, and it's sold about 10,000 copies.To put that in perspective, that's not enough books to supply the population of Keokuk, Iowa.

"Multiple Blessings," a book by Jon and Kate Gosselin that was published in 2008, fared better. Selling 500,000 copies, it could have provided reading material for most of Portland, Ore.

MSNBC reports Jon Gosselin is now considering a book offering his own parenting wisdom. Who, some may ask -- other than maybe Darth Vader, could learn to be a better father by following his example?

That doesn't appear to be a concern, according to a source MSNBC identified only as a "Gosselin pal."

"Jon is still deciding what exactly the book will be about, but knows he wants to focus on his parenting skills," this pal tells MSNBC. "There is no deal yet or timeline, but the (interest) in Jon from publishers is huge right now, so he's going to strike while the iron is hot."

He's getting some help in the process from leadership coach Sylvia Lafair. This is the same person, MSNBC reports, who taught Jon Gosselin how to "hone his skills to be a better leader in his family and with his kids," the pal tells the network.

Another shadowy purveyor of gossip -- this one identified only as "an insider" -- tell MSNBC what won't be in the book.

"What the book won't be focusing on is how quickly he moved on, after Kate, with two much younger girlfriends, his partying nights in Las Vegas or his new huge tattoo that covers his entire back," the insider tells the network.

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