Hey Matheletes, It's Time for Your Drug Tests

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Drug testing -- it's not just for jocks, anymore. Credit: Ben Stansal, AFP / Getty Images

Going out for math club this fall? How about the chess team? Be ready to pee in a cup.

Cbs13.com reports that the California 3rd District Court of Appeal heard arguments this week about a Shasta Union High School District program that required participants in all so-called "competitive" school activities to submit to random, mandatory drug tests.

Those activities included not just football and soccer, but also marching band and chess club.

Last year, a lower court judge halted the program. Mandatory, random drugs tests had been in place for the Sacramento-area district since 1999, but it wasn't until 2008 that the program was extended to other, non-athletic groups deemed competitive. Those opposed to the policy say it violates a student's right to privacy under the state constitution.

There are 11 schools within the Shasta Union High School District, according to the district's website. A decision on the case can be expected within 90 days of hearing arguments, according to a court spokesperson.

We do hear that the math clubs are pretty cutthroat this year.

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