Greek Baby Names for Boys

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Look to Greece and Greek history when choosing baby names for boys. Credit: Corbis

When it comes to choosing a name for a newborn son, many parents consider monikers that are strong and classic. And, among the most popular and timeless boys' names, are those with origins in Greek language, culture, history and mythology.

But many parents often choose these Greek baby names without knowing the roots of their meanings. Here's a quick guide to some of the most popular, and a few less common, Greek baby names for boys.

Alexander: A classic, strong Greek name with roots in Greek culture and history, Alexander means "protector of mankind." The popularity of this name can be traced back to Alexander the Great, the legendary emperor who ruled during the fourth century B.C. Though his reign was brief -- Alexander died when he was only 33 -- his influence in spreading Greek culture throughout the known world lasted for centuries.

Anthony: Another popular Greek boy name, Anthony means "worthy of praise." The name's spelling also is associated with the Greek word "anthos," meaning flower.
Christopher: Still a widely popular baby boy name, the Greek baby name Christopher means "bearing Christ inside." Chris, the shortened version of the name, also remains a popular choice for parents of boys.

Evan: Like many Greek boy names, Evan conveys strength and vibrance. The strong Greek name means "young warrior" and "well born" and has become an increasingly favorite name choice for parents of boys in recent years.

Jason: Another strong and popular Greek baby name, Jason means "healer" and was the name of a popular hero from Greek mythology who led a group of warriors called the Argonauts. Their adventures are detailed in classic literature, including the epic poem "The Argonautica," the play "Medea" and in the movie "Jason and the Argonauts."

Nicholas: With deep roots in Greek culture, this name means "victory of the people." In fact, Nicholas is the name of the patron saint of Greece. Greek ships carry an icon of St. Nicholas to protect them on their journeys, making this a top Greek baby name.

Stephen: This popular boys' name is derived from the Greek boy name Stephanos, which means crown and garland.

Theo: The Greek baby name meaning divine gift, has other forms, including Theodore or Theodorus.

Unusual names:
Parents looking for something more unusual may choose to name their boy after the mythological hero Hercules (Hera's Glory), the Greek poet Homer (pledge or hostage) or the philosopher Aristotle (the best of all), who was also Alexander the Great's teacher.

And while you won't meet too many boys named Ajax (of the earth), this Greek baby name comes with an epic story. Ajax was the warrior who led the Greeks in the Trojan War after Achilles (possibly derived from the Greek word achos, meaning pain) left the battle.

From the traditional to the unusual, these classic Greek baby names come from strong historical and cultural traditions. They are names that have lasted for centuries and are likely to remain popular for many more to come. Check Baby Name World, Babynology, Greek Names and similar sites for more Greek baby name ideas and information about their meanings and origins.


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