How to Play: Time to Search

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time to search game

What's behind that tree?? Credit: cdsessums, Flickr

What you need: You need some sort of tokens to hide. You can use Matchbox cars, dolls, ping pong balls, or even sticks and rocks.

How to play:
Choose one player to be the leader. Establish a starting point and a finish line. While the rest of the players stand with their back to the game's course, the leader will hide the tokens throughout the game's course. Hiding places include behind trees, under rocks, in the dirt, etc.

The rules: Once all are hidden, the leader will say "Time to search!" Players will turn around and run from the starting line to hunt for the hidden tokens. Once a player has found a token, she will run for the finish line.

How to win:
The first player to cross the finish line with a token is the winner.

What else you need to know: A variation of this game is to play several rounds with the leader keeping time, and the person to find a token and cross the finish line the fastest is the ultimate winner.

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