Customize Your Own Eco-Friendly Beverage Bottle

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eco friendly beverage bottle

Drink, enjoy, and fill it back up! Credit: SIGG

Sick of buying countless brown paper bags and plastic water bottles to get through the school year? Yeah, so is your landfill.

Make the switch to reusable lunch boxes and beverage bottles that are eco-friendly and safer for you and your family. All SIGG products are made of pure aluminum, so they're equipped to weather bumpy bus rides or backpack tosses. And, when you're ready for a replacement, your old SIGG bottles and containers can be recycled.

There are more than 100 styles of SIGG lunch boxes and bottles ranging from solid metallic colors to funky retro designs. Even better, now you can customize your own SIGG with a photo of your choice or a unique graphic that you've created.

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