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Hindu baby names are often inspired by gods and goddesses. Credit: Sam Panthaky, AFP/Getty Images

Selecting a name for a child is one of the most important choices a Hindu parent will make, as Hindus believe baby names help ensure the child will be moral during life and will one day attain immortality.

Babies most often are named after deities, gods, goddesses or holy and revered individuals, or after sacred qualities.

If you are considering a Hindu baby name, either for religious reasons or because the names are simply beautiful, here are the best resources for Hindu baby names lists and ideas:

Indian Hindu Names
: This comprehensive website for Hindu baby names includes many sections, including Names of Gods and Goddesses, Indian Baby Names A-Z and Baby Names by Month, Rashi. There also is a page that provides a star chart for parents desiring to name their baby according to the child's birth star. Some examples of names found in this Hindu baby names list are Chandra (moon), Madhuri (sweet) and Sahira (mountain) for girls, and Barindra (ocean), Harit (green) and Padmal (lotus) for boys.

Indian Names
: There are thousands of Hindu baby names listed here. A few of the categories include Hindu Religious and Mythical Leaders, Major Hindu Deities and Hindu Nature Names. Some of the names to be found are Parvati (goddess), Dosa (night personified) and Anumati (15th day of the moon) for girls, and Dharmamati (bodhi tree), Bhaga (a name for Brahma) and Gavasthira (a sage) for boys.

Behind the Name: The History and Etymology of First Names
: This website shows names in Sanskrit or Hindi scripts, as well as with English spellings. Although there are not as many Hindu baby names listed here, the site provides more precise definitions and is user-friendly. Some of the names on this Hindu baby name list include Maya (illusion), Mani (jewel) and Lakshmi (sign, mark) for girls, and Ravi (sun), Sundara (beautiful) and Vayu (air, wind) for boys. If you are interested in learning the script for your Hindu baby name, this is a great site to visit.

: Rather than using categories, this website lists more than 1,000 Hindu baby names alphabetically from A-Z for boys and girls. Once you click through to each letter, the list is easy to read and offers a precise meaning and link for further details on the name. Some examples of names here are Madira (nectar), Dayita (beloved) and Vasanta (spring) for girls, and Jaidev (god of victory), Wadee (peaceful) and Nadal (fortune) for boys.

Modern Indian Baby Names: Much like Bachpan.com, this site allows you to search through the Hindu baby names alphabetically, with one list for boys and one for girls. A few of the names to be found include Omana (a woman), Tarakini (starry night) and Xena (hospitable) for girls, and Sarvesh (lord of all), Elgan (bright circle) and Kumar (prince) for boys.

When considering Hindu baby names, make sure to research the meaning behind the name, as this is more important than how the name sounds. These websites will help you choose a name supporting a sound legacy for your child.


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