How to Play: Hole in the Bucket

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Hole in the Bucket game

Holes in the coffee cans ensure that extra bit of fun! Credit: vfowler, Flickr

What you need: You need two large coffee cans, three large trash cans or 30-gallon tubs, and a water source.

How to play: To prep the coffee cans for the game, you will punch several holes in the sides and bottoms of the cans using a hammer and nails. Be sure to hammer from the outside of the cans to prevent sharp edges on the outside of the cans. To make sure there are no sharp edges around the top of the cans, hammer around the inside edge against a hard surface. To play the game, divide the children into two teams. Fill up one of the large trash cans or 30-gallon tubs up with water and place at the starting line. At the finish line, place the other two large trash cans or 30-gallon tubs as receiving containers for the two teams.

The rules: The first people on each team go to the container filled with water, dip their cans into it, put their cans on their heads or carry them, and go down to their team's receiving container and dump in whatever water is left in their cans. Then they run back to the starting line and pass the cans on to the next players. This continues until a receiving bucket is filled.

How to win: The first team to fill their receiving bucket wins.

What else you need to know: You can spray paint the cans, if you wish, to differentiate between the two teams' cans.

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