Teen Aspires to Become a Beauty Queen ... and an Undertaker

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Laura Copley, aspiring beauty queen and undertaker-to-be. Credit: Albanpix Ltd / Rex USA

Becoming a beauty queen might top the list of life aspirations for little girls, but undertaker?

Laura Copley, an 18-year-old from Norwich, England, dreams of becoming the next Miss Norfolk. However, unlike the typical beauty pageant contestant, Laura's main interest does not involve baton twirling or tap dancing. She wants to be an undertaker.

According to Orange News, Laura is working towards her career goal by training at Allcock Family Funeral Services.

Although Laura developed interest in mortuary science while working at a funeral parlor, her friends and family are still surprised by this rather morbid career choice. However, as Orange News points out, styling hair and applying makeup to the deceased could help her prepare for future beauty pageants.

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