Parents Find Playing With Kids 'Boring,' and Kids Know It

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Monopoly game board

Does family game night bore you to tears? Credit: .A.A., Flickr

If you fear your head may explode if you have to play one more board game or build yet another village out of blocks, you're not alone.

A new survey commissioned by Disneyland Paris found that more than 20 percent of British parents have forgotten how to play with their kids, and 30 percent of moms and dads find any kind of play boring, UK's The Independent reports.

And if you think your kids can't read your poker face, think again: The survey also reveals that 16 percent of the participating kids, all between the ages of 5 and 15, can tell when you're bored. Also, 55 percent of kids are hankering for more quality time with their parental units.

What's to blame for the epidemic of ennui? Chores and work, according to half the 2,000 parents surveyed. Other reasons for the lack of playfulness include interference from rival siblings (32 percent) and technology -- 30 percent of parents surveyed say they choose to play computer games with their kids, but 89 percent of children prefer to play those games on their own.

Last summer, ParentDish asked some parents if they play with their children, and at least one mom confessed that play feels more like work, one more thing to pile on the heap of endless tasks involved with maintaining a household.

"I probably (really) play with them every other day," Megan Jordan, 32, a mother of three from Mississippi told us. "On those other days, they basically play around me while I write or manage other tasks. I'm always with them, though not always tuned in. ... I feel enormous pressure and guilt when it comes to playing with my kids."

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