Cartoon Princess Dispenses Fairy Tale 'Advice' for Your Daughter

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Think about the worst lessons about love and romance that you don't want your daughter to follow.

Then microwave the popcorn, grab the remote, snuggle in for a mother-daughter "let's bond quickly before you head out with your friends" night and tune into Second City's new Web comedy series, "Advice for Young Girls from a Cartoon Princess."

Actually, we find these tips hysterical.

"Desire is when a man wants you so much that he's willing to yell at you and tell you if you don't eat with him, you don't eat at all!" Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" advises on the newest flick.

The Little Mermaid's life lesson? "Never be comfortable in the body you're given."

Yep, why try to emulate for our daughters what a healthy adult relationship looks and feels like, when you can project Belle and Ariel and shine the spotlight on such beastly ideas as: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... as long as the woman is really good looking."

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