Take Picture Hanging to a Whole New Level

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picture hanging by under the roof decorating

We've got some real hang-ups when it comes to picture hanging. Credit: Under the Roof Decorating

A little to the left. No, a smidge to the right. That's it! No, wait ... Arrgh!

Hanging pictures in our house is a frustrating and annoying ordeal. So, we were thrilled when we discovered the ingenious Hang & Level picture hanging tool.

Just hang your frame on the Hang & Level's single or double hook and move it into position on the wall. Then remove the frame, press the button and -- voila! -- you've got a small puncture mark that shows you exactly where to place the nail.

Two built-in levels ensure that your picture is straight while you're positioning and hanging it.

Most importantly, you save time, walls and a whole lot of frustration.

Available at Amazon for $19.12.

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