One Truly Smokin' Babe Comes Home From Rehab

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A 2-year-old chain smoker just came home from rehab. Break out the baby book -- it's time to start a new page.

While most parents forever cherish the first time their toddler gets out of rehab, there is concern Aldi Suganda will relapse and break into the cancer sticks again as he returns home today.

His mother, Diana, tells CBS News she felt powerless to stop him when he first took up smoking. But if the tiny tot starts smoking again, she adds, who can stop him?

"I don't know of what will happen in the future," she tells the network through an interpreter. "We surely hope he will quit ... But what can we do but accept it is as it is?"

A video of Suganda smoking went viral in May. The tot reportedly was smoking 40 cigarettes a day, and a news team from CBS tracked him down in the remote fishing village of Musi Banyuasin on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in July.

CBS News reports he was enjoying a smoke when reporters arrived.

After his story aired, CBS News learned Suganda and his mom were taken to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, for intensive medical and psychological treatment. According to CBS, the treatment was paid for by their local government.

Arriving at the hospital and denied a smoke, Suganda reportedly wailed and smashed his head on the floor. CBS News reports X-rays revealed a thickening on the left wall of his heart. However, it reportedly has more to do with him being overweight than being a chain smoker.

"Unhealthy children will be the future generation of our country," Aris Merdeka Sirait, CEO of Indonesia's National Committee of Child Protection, tells CBS. "It is genocide."

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