Eco-Friendly Mats Make Nap Time Healthier

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Eco friendly mats for children to sleep on

Cotton beats vinyl every time. Credit: SewnNatural

Say no to PVC, phthalates and any other nasty toxins that may be lurking in your child's vinyl or polyester nap mat.

SewnNatural carries a full line of eco-friendly nap mats that are perfect for preschool, day care or anywhere you'd like a clean and safe place for kids to rest or play on.

Designer cotton fabric tops cotton batting inside, and a sturdy hemp/organic cotton underside means these mats look great while feeling soft and comfy. And don't forget to ask to have your child's name embroidered on her mat, so she can feel extra special.

The best part: Your kids will rest easier, and so will you.

Available at SewnNatural for $85.

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