Happy 95th Birthday, Raggedy Ann!

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Raggedy Ann

95 years, later, Raggedy Ann still makes a great BFF for little ones. Credit: Amazon

Help celebrate lovable, red-headed Raggedy Ann's 95th birthday today with a new edition of exclusive, vintage-inspired Raggedy Ann and Andy Anniversary dolls created by Applause by Russ.

Unlike more contemporary versions, these Anniversary dolls bring to mind illustrations of the original characters from the earliest Raggedy Ann books by author Johnny Gruelle, who created the character for his daughter, Marcella, in 1915.

But fear not -- though she may look a little differently than she did when we were young, Raggedy Ann still rocks those features we love most about her: Button eyes, yarn hair, triangle nose, rosy cheeks and -- most importantly -- a heart that says "I Love You" embroidered onto her chest.

Available at Amazon for $24.17.


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