Teens Looking for Pot Text Sheriff by Mistake

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marijuana seeking teens text sheriff instead of drug dealer

Texting the police for pot? Priceless. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

A couple of Montana teenagers apparently are all thumbs when it comes to texting.

Two boys, ages 15 and 16, sent a text to someone they thought could hook them up with marijuana, and instead wound up sending the message to exactly the wrong guy -- the county sheriff.

CNN reports that Leo Dutton, sheriff for Louis and Clark County, Mont., got a message that read, "hey dawg, do you have 20 i can buy right now?" The law enforcement officer says he thought it was a joke, but then decided to reply to the mistakenly sent text with "how much we talking?"

Allegedly, the two teen boys texted back, again asking for marijuana. What they didn't know was that they were asking the sheriff for some weed. Dutton turned the case over to a narcotics officer, who later arranged to meet the two boys.

However, thanks to the swift action of the two boys' parents, Dutton says the the teens won't face any charges. He tells CNN that both sets of parents "took immediate action" and that the punishments they meted out helped influence his decision not to press charges.

"If your goal is to put someone into the system and not try to correct the behavior, it seems like you are fighting the tide," Dutton tells CNN. "The parents were going to do more to change their behavior than a criminal record. Changing behavior and making this a better place is what we're all about."

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