Baby Shower Decorating: Tips for the Celebration

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Tea party

A baby shower with a tea party theme lends itself to elegant decorations. Credit: Getty

You've chosen invitations, planned the menu and picked out a few fun games to play. Now it's time to embark on another important part of the celebration of an expectant mother and her soon-to-be bundle of joy: baby shower decorating.

If you find yourself responsible for planning a baby shower, decorating need not be a stressful event. There are many varieties of baby shower decorations that can be implemented for everything, from simply themed get-togethers to elegant and sophisticated tea parties. Here are a few baby shower tips to help get you started.

Themed Parties: Themed parties can be a fun and memorable way to plan a baby shower. Decorating can be as serious or lighthearted as you want, but keep in mind what the mother-to-be would enjoy most of all. If she is not a fan of islands, tiki torches and leis, tropical-themed baby shower decorations are probably not the best way to go. However, if the tropics are right up her alley, a great idea for baby shower decorating could include grass skirts and plastic margarita glasses (virgin drinks for the mother of honor, of course). Be sure to play Caribbean music in the background.

If you know the baby's sex, a traditional and easy baby shower decorating theme is to use pink or blue. Many varieties of baby shower invitations and baby shower decorations focus solely on pink for girls or blue for boys and are available in countless options for plates, napkins and utensils. Dress up this simple baby shower theme by planning a variety of entertaining games and handing out adorable party favors. One memorable favor for guests is a personalized candy bar that honors the mother-to-be with a custom label. Not only will the label be a lovely keepsake in a scrapbook, but the chocolates can also serve as decorations on tables or placed in baskets.

Formal Tea Party: Some expectant mothers may prefer a more formal and elegant backdrop for celebrating the monumental experience of a baby shower. Decorating for a formal tea party can actually be quite easy depending on where the baby shower takes place. Some helpful baby shower tips for such an event include enclosing small party favors such as candies or confetti in stylish mini pails, using silver teapots as placard holders for seating arrangements and placing a personalized box containing tea at each seat. These suggestions are suitable for a backyard garden tea thrown at a friend's house or in a chic tearoom.

If you go the tearoom route, make sure you discuss any baby shower decorating plans with the manager or owner of the space you are renting in advance of the baby shower. Often, the staff will be more than happy to help with decorating if requested.

Remember, whether you decide to throw a themed party or host an elegant tea, you will do a wonderful job of baby shower decorating if you keep the expectant mother in mind first and foremost. The day is for her, after all, so do something you know she will love.


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