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Coolest Kid Fashions mini social

Love this look for your little guy? Find it at The Mini Social. Credit: The Mini Social

You've packed their lunches, filled their backpacks with school supplies and written out checks to the PTA, class fund and all sorts of enrichment programs. Now comes the really fun back-to-school task: clothes shopping.

The Mini Social, an online members-only shopping site that features flash sales of designer clothing and accessories for moms, babies and kids at up to 60 percent off, makes things easy and will have you oohing and aahing as you search through tons of great finds.

This is Back to School Week at The Mini Social, with loads of designer specials you won't want to miss. Today, find looks from Eyes Cream Shades and Ferd. Sept. 9, labels Lillybee, Childrens Inspired Design and Kids Konserve will be featured and Sept. 10, styles from Claesons and Le Big will be on sale.

Membership is free. Your kid's fashion sense? Priceless.

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