Best Baby Nursery Toys

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Baby nursery toy

Baby will giggle at his reflection in the Lamaze First Mirror. Credit: Amazon

Plush toys. Wooden toys. Retro toys. Modern toys. With so many baby nursery toys on the market, choosing the best playthings can be confusing. But whether you're shopping for baby toys for your own bundle of joy or searching for the perfect nursery item for a baby shower gift, this list offers up some of the hottest baby nursery toys available in 2010.

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock: It's important to provide baby toys that kindle a baby's senses and encourage exploration, and with all the different noises and materials used in the construction of this toy, there will never be a lack of stimulation. The Lamaze Jacques the Peacock also is one of the more convenient baby nursery toys, because it can easily be taken from place to place thanks to the Lamaze signature linking system.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym
: Tummy time is a special routine for babies to practice the strengthening of neck muscles to hold up their heads, and this plush whale is ideal for babies to rest on while having tummy time in their baby nurseries. Toys are located all around the gym, from peek-a-boo flaps to the bar that arches across the soft mat. Vivid colors and textures ensure this will be a suitable match with any nursery decor.

Baby Einstein Octoplush
: Every baby needs a lovey, and, out of all the other top baby nursery toys, we think this one quickly will become a squeezable favorite. Press the Octoplush and it begins to play music. Plus, each leg has a different color on the end with the color name on the bottom and, when pushed, the color name is spoken in three languages (English, French and Spanish). This is one of the sweetest baby toys out right now.

OBall Rattle: Babies learn early on how to grasp onto everything from baby nursery toys to Mommy's hair. Because this is both a ball and a rattle all in one, it's a good solution for presenting a less painful option for baby to grab onto than, say, Grandma's earrings. The large holes all around the ball allow babies to keep fast hold of it and the tiny balls enclosed in clear plastic cases rattle delightfully, sure to put a smile on your little one's face.

Lamaze First Mirror: Most babies love looking at other babies or at themselves in a mirror, and we think one of these mirrors should be placed in every baby nursery. Toys don't always have to be something to be played with -- in this case it's part of the nursery decor. The frame of the mirror is soft and bright, the mirror won't break from any abuse and it's propped up by a wedge, making it another ideal tummy time toy.

Remember, when picking out the best baby nursery toys, look for age-appropriate baby toys that are bright and have varied textures or sounds. It's time to play!


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