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baby bottle feeding

Plan ahead to feed your baby on the road. Credit: Getty

Taking a baby on the road can be a chore, especially when you have to remember to bring breakfast, lunch and dinner. But before you assume there's no easy way to transport bottles as you travel to your next destination, tackle the task of bottle feeding your baby wherever you go with these expert parenting tips from Victoria Staten.

Disposable Liners: For extra convenience in bottle feeding, a high quality disposable liner can be a lifesaver. They're especially handy when you don't have access to a way to wash your bottles. Just remember to bring as many liners as you will need prepared bottles, plus a couple extra in case of tears. It's also a good idea to bring a small trash bag for disposing off used liners.

Safe Formula Storage: Unless you're using a premixed formula (the kind you buy ready-to-drink), you'll want to keep your powder in a separate container from your bottle. While you can invest in fancy formula storage products, a simple resealable plastic baggy works just as well. For a long outing, consider pre-measuring each bottle's worth of infant formula in a separate bag. Single service formula "sticks" are also available in stores, although their cost per service is considerably higher.

Know Your Water:
It's never a good idea to expect fresh, bottle-safe water to be available when you're on the go. Bring your own water for bottle feeding in clean, sterilized containers that can be poured into each bottle without any mess. For added protection against leaks in the diaper bag or spills in the car, consider pre-filling the baby bottle with clean water before securing the cap, and then tote it in a waterproof cooler bag (without ice, of course).

Bottle Warmers Optional: Depending on the temperament of your baby, a plug-and-go bottle warmer may be completely unnecessary for bottle-feeding away from home. Many older babies are content to drink formula served at room temperature or just slightly warmer. As long as you're not giving them water straight from a newly-purchased water bottle or the tap, you can get away with serving a just-mixed bottle sans fancy warmer.

Stock Up on Extras: In addition to these tried-and-true bottle-feeding tips, be sure to bring along a couple of extra clean bottle nipples. You never know when one will rip or you won't have access to a washroom. It also may be wise to bring along a small, portable bottle brush for getting bits of stuck formula powder off the bottom of a bottle during quick washings and a small squirt of dish soap in a travel dispenser.

Make a Test Run: Sometimes, the most effective way to manage bottle feeding while you travel is to practice before you go. With a few test runs via shorter trips, you'll be ready to hit the long road with baby bottles in tow.

Now, take a deep breath, assemble all your bottle-feeding supplies the day before your trip, and be confident in your ability to keep baby happy and well fed. Bon voyage!


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