DIY Baby Shower Favors

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DIY Baby Shower Favors

Seed packets make useful and pretty DIY baby shower favors. Credit: Getty

It's almost time for the new bundle to arrive, but first, it's time to mark the occasion with an amazing baby shower. But before you invest lots of loot in over-priced, pre-made baby shower favors that no one will remember weeks from now, why not create whimsical, homemade gifts to impress your guests? These easy to make favors are sure to have attendees buzzing.

Washcloth Lollipops: The key to these cute treats that only look good enough to eat are the baby washcloths used to make them. Pick washcloths that are super soft and brightly colored and roll them up jelly-roll style. Secure with a safety pin and wrap in cellophane before tying them onto a stick with the ribbon of your choice. For full instructions for this baby shower craft, visit Cutest Baby Shower Ideas.

Bun in the Oven: Sometimes the best baby shower favors are those you can eat. If you're a hostess with a talent for baking, these adorable desserts can make the shower extra sweet. Simply bake individual cinnamon rolls in ramekins and wrap them to go. A fantastic recipe and detailed directions are available at the Celebrations website.Baby Bottle Bites: A simple way to say thank you to guests is to fill plastic baby bottles with unique candies, nuts or a custom-made snack mix. Personalize these DIY baby shower favors by using a glitter pen or metallic Sharpie to write the shower date and the name of the guest of honor on the side. Glue on tiny baby-themed plastic beads and novelty embellishments for even more flair.

Commemorative Coasters: These baby shower favors via Unique Baby Gear Ideas are truly unique and take just minutes to make. Purchase several cheap ceramic tiles from a home improvement store and stamp them with the baby-to-be's monogram or other symbol of the precious bundle. Other adornment ideas include tiny footprints or little ducklings.

Beaded Bracelets: If you have a talent for beading -- or know someone who does -- homemade beaded bracelets make for charming and functional DIY baby shower favors. Don't go overboard on the pinks and blues, however. Use tasteful design elements to create a bracelet that guests will actually want to wear year-round.

Edible Pacifiers: These sweet treats are almost too cute to eat. By gluing together two peppermint Lifesavers and a single jelly bean with edible icing, you can create dozens of these delicious delights in no time, and for very little cost. The step-by-step tutorial at Creative Baby Shower Ideas shows you how to make these baby shower favors.

Baby's First Garden: The sign of a great DIY baby shower favor is that it gets used long after the event is over. These gifts for the guest with a green thumb are creative and easy to assemble. Baby Shower Moments suggests you simply purchase one package each of baby blue eyes, baby's breath and daisy seeds for every guest you invite. Then punch a small hole in each packet's upper corner and tie each set together with a colorful ribbon. Easy to plant and care for, they will bloom as a reminder of the special event.

Unique and simple, these affordable DIY favors are sure to get your guests talking and help create a memorable shower.


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