Girl Let Off a Wrong Bus Stop NOT Molested and Left For Dead

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It happens every so often at the beginning of the school year and this September was no exception. The Daily Item in Sunbury, Pa., reports that, sadly, a 7-year-old was let off at the wrong bus stop the other day, even after she told the bus driver it was not where she was supposed to get off. It was, instead, four blocks from her house.

The father of another child at that stop helped the girl get home. But, her parents note (according to the article), "She could just as easily have encountered a predator. "

Really? "Just as easily?" So it's a 50-50 split now, between predators and everybody else on the street? If one person's walking a dog, the next one is probably carrying some duct tape and chloroform?

Why doesn't the reporter bother to inject a little skepticism about this outlook?

Because the media are invested in making everyday life dramatic and scary.

The article quotes the parents as saying the child has sworn off buses for the rest of her life (considering how close she came to being sold into white slavery, I guess). And the father told the paper that he thinks "parents who have their children ride school buses should be very concerned."

Look, if this incident happened to my child, I, too, would have been very concerned. And I'd complain to the bus company and I'd make sure we got it all figured out, and I'd probably want the idiot driver who didn't listen to my kid to get some kind of punishment. And possibly a brain transplant.

But one upsetting incident does not mean the whole system is screwed up and our children are in danger. And yet, that's exactly how we're being conditioned to think -- by stories like this. When you get right down to it: What was this other than the tale of a kid who got left at the wrong bus stop? I'm sorry, that's just not news. It's only news when it can be elevated to a brush with death, which is what the media are constantly doing. And they do this so well that we have all started to think the same way: A blip in my child's day? She could easily end up DEAD!

Alarmism becomes second nature. We can't go with the flow. And yet the fact is there are always bumps in life. Humans, even children, weather the vast majority of them just fine. That's part of how you grow up and get smart.

You can bet that 7-year-old girl is going to stand up for her rights, and even learn her way around the neighborhood. A neighborhood probably filled with a lot more dog walkers than chloroform-carrying creeps.

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