Krazy Coupon Lady Tips: Clipping Coupons Could Put $10,000 Back in Your Wallet

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Coupon clipping advice

Coupons can help you save big-time if you put in a little work. Credit: Getty Images

Want to save $10,000 a year? Of course you do, and coupon queens Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer want to show you how.

After penning their 2009 guide to using coupons, "Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey," the stay-at-home moms created TheKrazyCouponLady website.

"When we saw the downturn in the economy and how people were losing their jobs or taking pay cuts, we decided to develop an outlet to help people out," Wheeler tells ParentDish. "I, myself, started matching sale items to coupons found in the newspaper and went from spending $500 a month on groceries to $150 a month."

So, you're ready to start clipping? Wheeler says if you put just one hour a week into searching for coupons, the max you'll save is $200 a month. But, if you're willing to put a few more hours into your search, in the long run you can put $10,000 back into your wallet each year.

Here are some of Wheeler's top tips:

  • Before you run to the supermarket, make a list of what's on sale and then stock up on those products. For instance, if chicken is the bargain that day, Wheeler says she'll buy a couple of packages and then use easy and simple recipes to cook dinner for the next few weeks.
  • Plan one year ahead for kids heading back to school. "Right after the school year begins, hit stores like Target because they'll slash prices by 50 percent on things like notebooks, pens, pencils and clothes," she says. "If you wait one week later, it's 75 percent and then 90 percent off of their unsold merchandise one week after that. I'll flip through the clothing racks for my children and look for one size bigger and then buy them outfits for the following year."
  • Look beyond coupons. Seek our rebate programs offered at stores like Staple's and Rite Aid for school supplies such as binders, paper, staplers, markers and folders.
  • Wheeler says she's a fan of Old Navy because the store has a great clearance section and allows customers to use an additional $10 off coupon for every $50 they spend, something she says has saved her more than $500 a month.
  • Scour online coupon sites. TheKrazyCouponLady, updated frequently throughout the day, includes an active database of all the printable coupons people can use at the grocery store, clothing chains as Children's Place, JC Penney, Walmart and RedPlum, which also advertises coupons for the taking.

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