Madonna's Daughter a Study in Style as She Starts High School

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Madonna's daughter Lourdes goes to school in Manhattan

Lourdes Leon expresses herself at her new school. Credit: Aaron Showalter, New York Daily News

We totally remember the first day of high school. Will the teachers be nice? Will we forget our locker combinations? Will we make friends easily? Will our clothes be cool?

But we're guessing when your mama is the Material Girl, the paparazzi chronicles your daily doings and you're already an established fashion designer, typical teen angst isn't such a big deal.

Yep, Lourdes Leon, Madonna's 13-year-old daughter and partner on a clothing line for Macy's, started school this week at New York's acclaimed LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts -- the "Fame" school.

And while she probably wasn't out on the streets dancing on taxi cabs or jamming out in the lunch room, she naturally did her fashion homework. Note the sleeveless plaid top worn casually over a white T-shirt. They were paired with a short black skirt, ankle boots and a bounty of bracelets. But what's with that Rasta-style weed wristband? Is that her way of rebelling against her mom's red-string Kabbalah bracelets?

We're all for expressing yourself, but we'll take a pot shot at wearing drug symbols at school.

Too bad we couldn't borrow Lourdes's cell phone to call Madge.

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