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Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

In Theaters: "Legendary"
A bookish boy turns to wrestling as a way to conquer his fears and reconnect with his estranged brother in "Legendary," a sports drama featuring Danny Glover and WWE wrestler John Cena. The language is fairly tame, but there's quite a bit of violence and at least one sexually suggestive scene featuring a teen girl. Rated PG-13, OK for kids 13+

DVD: "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally"
Preschoolers can join in the fun as Mickey and his pals race across the country in "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally," an educational film with a message about friendship, patience and responsibility. Along the way, kids are given lots of opportunities to practice their counting and pre-reading skills, as well as test their knowledge of shapes and colors. Not Rated, OK for kids 3+

TV: "Quints by Surprise"
A couple blessed with quintuplets juggles family and finances as they try to survive in economically tough times in "Quints by Surprise," a new reality show on TLC. Ethan and Casey Jones may be hurting financially, but there's no shortage of love and affection in this large and happy family. Rated TV-PG, OK for kids 8+

Books: "All the Broken Pieces"
A 12-year-old boy struggles with his past and worries about his future in "All the Broken Pieces," a coming-of-age tale that takes a personal and painful look at the horrors of the Vietnam war. Given up by his Vietnamese mother and abandoned by his American soldier father, the boy overcomes prejudice and discrimination to ultimately find peace within himself and his new family. OK for kids 12+

Music: "It's a Wiggly Wiggly World" by The Wiggles
Featuring 16 songs from the popular show, "It's a Wiggly Wiggly World" will have the little ones up and dancing with their favorite Aussie entertainers. All the familiar songs are here, including "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" and "I Love to Have a Dance with Dorothy." OK for kids 2+

Web: Try Science
Providing an opportunity to make science more exciting, "Try Science" is a site aimed at students and their teachers. In addition to lots of ideas for classroom and home-based experiments, the site provides a directory of science, technology and nature centers in 25 cities around the country. OK for kids 9+

Games: Guilty Party
For Nintendo Wii, "Guilty Party" is a mystery-solving game in which players enter a virtual world and try to uncover clues for the Dickens Detective Agency. Players can go solo or join forces with up to three other players as they track down the notorious villain, Mr. Valentine. The ability to set individual difficulty levels even in group play makes this a great game for families to play together. Rated E, OK for kids 8+


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