Wrap Your Belly Bump in Style

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pregnant woman belly bump

It's a wrap! Credit: bumpstyle

How do I wear thee? Let me count the ways.

We're big fans of multi-tasking, so when we saw this versatile maternity wrap top from bumpstyle, it was love at first sight.

Any way you wear it -- wrapped around your body and tied in back; tied in front over your belly; crossed over your belly and tied in back; open and layered over a T-shirt -- it fits beautifully.

And, after those nine long months, this top's a keeper, because you don't need to be pregnant to look great in it.

Do-good alert: bumpstyle donates a portion of proceeds to support the Children's Relief Nursery, an organization that works to end child abuse and neglect in Portland, Ore.

Available at bumpstyle for $54.

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